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Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery


In Rappahannock County, Virginia, at the foothill of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an area blessed with beautiful natural and agricultural landscapes, farms, pastures, woods and orchards provide an abundance of varied food. The terrain is hilly and there is not always a lot of topsoil, so our traditional agriculture was orchards (apples mostly) and pastures (lots of sheep in the 19th C, today there is lot of cattle). But in favored pockets also grow beautiful vegetables. Wild food surrounds us: berries, mushroom, pawpaw, persimmon, nuts, greens... Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery focuses on growing and using such local flavorful food and offers:

 Cookery Services make eating well easy and entertaining fun.

 Personal Chef Services for your every day needs (including special diets such as gluten-free, low-carb, alkaline, macro-biotic, vegetarian, vegan, raw and many more);

 Dinner parties, luncheons & brunches;

 Cocktail parties & dessert buffets;

 Small private events (up to 125 people): weddings, birthdays, wedding rehearsals, engagement parties etc;

 Week-end and vacation packages;

 Picnic baskets, and more.

 Gardening & Cookery Workshops:

 Gardening workshops show you how grow beautiful, healthy and productive edibles.

 Cookery workshops will demystify cooking and teach you how to cook using fresh seasonal ingredients.

 Private lessons - one on one or for a group - are also available.

Our current workshop calendar lists the classes open to the public.

 Kitchen Gardening Coaching/ Design/Consultation for those more targeted and personalized advice

 Gift Certificates let you give a truly unique gift.

 Seasonal recipes and kitchen gardening notes through my blog as well as through my monthly newsletter.


If you want to learn more about me, read this.

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Have an event and want a chef to compose and cook a seasonal meal for you and your guests? Spending a week-end in the country and want somebody to do the cooking? Want to eat better but not sure how to start? Want to grow your own food but need some advice? Interested in learning how to cook or improving your culinary skills?

You have found us. We can help you. And, in fact, wed love to.

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