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Issues to date - some are available for download (in PDF format):

 March 2011 (approx. 300 KB): Spring Whole Lamb Roast; Growing Culinary Herbs; Seasonal Recipes & Menu Ideas

 April 2011 (approx. 400 KB): Harvesting Honey; Growing Sorrel; Spring Salads & Seasonal Menu Ideas

 May 2011 (approx. 300 KB): All about strawberries: the most common ones (the native Virginia strawberry and the garden strawberry (June, everbearer and day-neutral); how to grow them, and what to with the harvest. Planting tomatoes the right way. Dairy free strawberry ice-cream & seasonal menu ideas.

 June 2011: Growing currants; Currant Jelly; Blueberry Sherbet; How to Start a Pantry; Seasonal Menus

 July 2011: Sumer Berries; Lemon Verbena; Blueberry Ice-cream Sandwich cake; Summer Food Preserving part 1; Seasonal Menus

 August 2011: Planting The Fall & Winter Garden; Spirited Peach Lemonade; Homemade Hot Sauce; Summer Food Preserving Part 2; Seasonal Menus

 September 2011: More on Planting The Winter Garden with Cold Frame Ideas; Early fall Tomato Soup; Our Native Pawpaw; September harvest; Savory Oven Preserved Tomato; Seasonal Menus

 October 2011: Baked Custards; Chestnuts; Checkmate Farm & Karakul Lamb; Curing Sweet Potatoes; Seasonal Menus

 November 2011: Eating Local in the Northern Piedmont in Winter, Oxtail Soup, Cauliflower, Seasonal Menus

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