Winter Musings, Spring Allegros, Summer Crescendo and Fall Adagios. Each season has pictures of flowers, leaves, seed heads etc taken during that season: brilliant spring, glowing summer, mellow fall & subdued winter. (a dozen different pre-made boxes)

By Season

Many of us travel to exotic locales for picturesque sceneries, but beauty can be found a step away (or just a few miles away) - if only we took the time to stop and look. Most of the photographs on this site were taken in the photographer’s garden or within a short distance of her home. We share with you pictures fresh from the garden (or the woods or the fields), capturing the moment, time fleeing, rain droplets being dried by a breeze, a leaf just before a gust of wind blows it away, buds on the cusp of opening…  a mere moment in time... soon to be gone.

Because people tend to write less than in the past, a hand-written note is cherished by its recipients. Laughing Duck Gardens notecards make your message even more special.

The thumbnail of the card boxes below give you an idea of pre-made boxes what we offer. 10 cards and matching envelops in each box (5 different pictures, 2 of each): $20 + tax (shipping, if any, is additional). We can also make a custom box for you.

Contact us here for details or if you have any questions

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In Season & Fresh from the Garden, the Fields, the Orchards & the Woods


Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery

Photos & Cards- Fresh from the Garden

Text Box: Wonderful gifts for gardeners, nature lovers, Mother’s Day, Christmas, hostess gift and for anybody who wants to send unique notes.
The cards are suitable for many purposes: quick dash, thank you, birthdays, get well wishes, etc
All cards are printed on 60 lb white stock paper. The card dimensions are 4 1/4 by 5 1/2, unfolding to 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 (“invitation” size). The image on the front is surrounded with a white border; the inside of the card is blank for your personal message; subject of photo is identified on the back of the card.
The Kraft paper covered box enhances the natural theme. A vivid color label on the lid identifies the 5 designs in the box.
We also have Greeting Cards with real photographs set in heavy beautifully textured paper in a see-through box (5 greeting cards).

Boxes of cards where the principal theme is butterflies - all taken in Rappahannock County.

Box cards where all photographs were taken in Rappahannock County, VA. Although the boxes feature the occasional animal or plant, most of the cards have a landscape theme.

(3 different pre-made boxes)

Intricate or elemental - many patterns, all fresh from the fields, the woods or the garden.

Capturing the beauty, sometime unexpected, of fruit and vegetables.

Cards featuring the stunning patterns, textures and color of foliage and/or the endless beauty, glory, poignancy of flowers from buds to seed heads. The category with the largest selection

(a dozen different pre-made boxes)


Fruit & Vegetable

Other Nature Themes

Rappahannock County

Foliage and Flowers