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Sample comments from attendees of our workshops:

· “Thank you for the most informative workshop.  […] are just beginning our gardening experience in Rappahannock county and were most interested in the soils and composting preparation instructions.  […]  Have you published any books that cover the topics you discussed today? “  Comment on Starting Your Kitchen Garden Workshop


· “ You gave us so much information and it is great to have it all on the handouts.  I feel much more confident about starting this garden.  Keep me posted on your other classes.” Comment on Starting Your Kitchen Garden Workshop


· “Sylvie, your workshop was wonderful […] Specifically, the handouts are invaluable and JUST what I was looking for, and exactly when I was looking for the information.  It was very helpful to me to learn what could overwinter, and how, and how to seed certain things, and what to start in flats vs. direct sowing, and when...just perfect.” Susan G. on Starting the Fall Garden from Seed workshop


· “I had a great time, enjoyed it immensely and will certainly come back“ from the Growing & Cooking with Herbs workshop


· “ The learning experience was most informative and interesting (a well organized fact sheet accompanied by specific use data was a real plus) […] Pleasant surroundings with a charming and enthusiastic host/ teacher made the day most enjoyable […]I am looking forward to another class and another delightful experience.” from the Growing & Cooking with Herbs workshop


· “I loved the class […] we experienced so many different recipes in so short a time, and they were all quite simply done yet had so many interesting combinations of flavors.   Much food for thought and thoughtfulness about food.  Thank you very much, Sylvie.  “ Susan J. on Cooking with Apples workshop


· Comment on Canning workshop: “Ron and I can personally attest to the usefulness of Sylvie's canning workshops!  After attending one of her sessions last summer, we ended up canning over 50 jars of tomatoes in various forms (sauce, salsa, whole tomatoes, etc.), as well as apple chutney, pear chutney, applesauce, and tangerine marmalade.  Before attending her canning workshop, we had never canned anything in our lives!  But Sylvie's workshop gave us both the confidence and the safety information necessary to feel comfortable preserving a variety of different foods for our pantry.

I highly recommend the learning opportunities that Sylvie offers!”

Jennifer Thomas Alcott, Woodville, Virginia/

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